The End of Evangelion
Movie Script - Episode 26: My pure Heart to You

Gendou: I am with Adam now. This is the only way to meet with Yui again. The forbidden combination of Adam and Lilith... There's no time. Your AT field can no longer keep your shape. Let's begin, Rei. Open your AT Field... the barrier of your heart. Leave your useless body, and release your soul. Merge all souls into one. And then, go to Yui's side.
Shinji: Asuka...
Rei: Ikari!

Soldier A: There's something approaching at high speed from orbit.
Soldier B: What the?
Kouzou: That light... the Longinus Lance?

SEELE 01: What we have been hoping for has finally begun.
SEELE 04: I can't believe the real Longinus Lance has come back, as well.
SEELE 09: There's less than we had expected, but we'll have to go with it.
All: Return the EVA series to its true form. Humans will return to their true forms after the seal (AT field) is broken. After a long age, we will return to our original state.
SEELE 01: This is also the moment when the souls can rest at peace. So let the ceremony begin.

Makoto: EVA-01 is rising!
Shigeru: Altitude 1200 metres! Its ascent continues!
Kouzou: The bastards at SEELE...They want to use EVA-01 as a catalyst.
SEELE 09: EVA-01 has been crucified.
All: Now is the beginning of everything.
SEELE 01: Our servant, the EVA series.
Keel: Their existence has all been for this one moment.

Shigeru: The EVA series have released their S2 system.
Makoto: Magnetic field reversed! Still expanding! Unable to observe, we can no longer detect them!
Kouzou: Anti-AT Field?
Maya: Really? Just like 15 years ago. Then...That really is... The prelude to the Third Impact!
Soldier A: S2 System reached its limit point!
Soldier B: Mission failed.

Shigeru: Cannot with stand it! Opened all shielding against land attacks!
Makoto: The primary power system is going crazy! Will it be ok? It lost control!
Kouzou: It's Adam's shockwave. Put all shielding to maximum level. Should be able to hold it.
SEELE 08/09: Pointing at the endless time. The appearing of the Red Earth.
SEELE 11: First, we must fall into Hell.
Keel: Returning to the true form.
Kouzou: Humans... life. The origin of all life. The egg of Lilith... the Black Moon. Now we can probably return to that body. But that also depends on the will of Lilith.

Gendou: Looks like it has started. So, Rei, bring me to Yui's side. What the...?
Rei: I'm not your doll.
Gendou: Why?
Rei: Because I do not belong to you.
Gendou: Rei! No! Wait for me, Rei!
Rei: No, I can't. Ikari is calling me.
Gendou: Rei!
Rei: I'm home...
Gendou: Rei...
Shigeru: Unidentified nuclear object detected underground! It's approaching quickly!
Makoto: AT Field verified! It's massive!!
Maya: Could it be? An Angel?
Makoto: No, it isn't! The Angel... is human!

Shinji: Dammit... Dammit... Dammit... Ayanami? Rei?
All: Evangelion Unit 01's pilot... He represents the five senses of humans...
Keel: The time for pain and punishment has come.

Shigeru: EVA series' AT Field is growing!
Makoto: It's expanding!
Kouzou: Rei started the combination?
Shigeru: Shinji! Calm down!
Makoto: What's the situation!? Please respond!
Kouzou: Everything is up to the pilot now.
Shinji: No... No... No...
Kaworu: It doesn't matter.
Shinji: Can you see me? Kaworu...
Shigeru: Synchronization signal, reversed! Almost at synchronization limit!
Makoto: Power system approaching red zone!
Kouzou: Angels possess the fruit of life. Humans possess the fruit of intelligence. It has both now. EVA-01 is now like God. Right now the origin of life is welcoming the birth of recreation. Will it become Noah's Ark in the Third Impact? Or will it become the demon that destroys us all? Everything is in the hands of Ikari's son now.
Maya: Are we doing the right thing?
Kouzou: How should I know?

Yui: Inside your own heart, your hope... and... how do you want things to be?
Shinji: Here? Just like in the beginning? I thought, when I came here, I could find something...
Kid A: Shinji, let's play together! Push hard!
Shinji child: 'Kay.
Kid A: Ah, Mama's here! I have to go home now! Bye-bye!
Kids: Bye-bye!
Asuka: Jeez, whenever I see you I feel so angry!
Shinji: That's just like you...
Asuka: Mama!
Shinji: Mama...
Misato: How are you? I can't become Shinji's mother. Mmmm, let's do it.
Kaji: I'm really tired today.
Misato: Jeez, it doesn't matter, there's still time...
Kaji: Are you for real? I'm really tired.
Misato: Come on, don't be like that. I just want to prove my own existence. But I'm doing this kind of thing...
Asuka: What an idiot! They're just two lonely adults comforting each other.
Ritsuko: Even though it's just physical, it's still a need.
Misato: I feel I'm an adult now. That makes me excited.
Asuka: This way, I can make myself feel worthy.
Shinji: Because of that... Misato would do this sort of thing?
Misato: Yes, that is also me. The heart of an adult. The me that Shinji doesn't know. Reality sometimes hurts us. But you want to see it, right?
Asuka: Ah, I guess when I grow up I'll be doing what Misato's doing. Let's kiss.
Misato: Don't!
Asuka: Are you afraid?
Misato: It's not something that kids should do.
Asuka: So, here I come. You don't understand anything! Don't come near me.
Shinji: I understand...
Asuka: You don't understand. Idiot! Do you think you really understand what I'm thinking? Do you think you can help me? This is your egotistic nature! You don't understand.
Shinji: Impossible to understand... If Asuka doesn't express herself, not saying anything, not saying anything to me, but you want me to understand, that's impossible!
Rei: Ikari, do you want to do it?
Shinji: I had that thought.
Asuka: Idiot. I know. I know what you've done to me. Do it yourself, I'll just watch from here. You... If you can't be mine, then I don't need you!
Shinji: Then can you treat me better?
Asuka/Misato/Rei: We treat you very well already.
Shinji: That's a lie! You're all just lying with your appearances! That's just some kind of ambiguous love!
Rei: Actually hurting each other... This is the love between two adults.
Shinji: Everyone is taking advantage of me.
Rei: That's really poor...
Shinji: I'm really afraid. Everything is hurting me. Very worried. There's no way I can be at peace!

Shinji: Please speak! Talk to me! Ask me! I want to help you, and I want to be with you forever.
Asuka: Then don't do anything. Don't come to my side any more. You will only hurt me.
Shinji: Asuka, help me! Only you can do it! That's a lie. For you, anybody will do. You are afraid of Katsuragi and Ayanami. You are afraid of your father and mother, too. You are only escaping from me. You can't feel this as being truly happy.
Shinji: Please, help me!
Asuka: You never think of other people!
Asuka: You only think of your own existence! You only think of yourself! You look really pathetic.
Shinji: Help me... Who... who can save me? Please help me... please help me...! Don't ignore me! Don't ignore me! Don't kill me!
Asuka: No.

Shinji: No one understands me.
Rei: You don't understand other people.
Shinji: I thought this was something painless. A perfect world.
Rei: Because you don't try to understand the world, you think this is unfair.
Shinji: Betrayed. Betrayed my feelings!
Rei: You've misunderstood it from the very beginning. You're creating feelings for yourself.
Shinji: Nobody wants me. So everybody, just go, and die.
Rei: But, everyone has the right to live.
Shinji: It will be the same with, or without, my existence. Nothing has changed. So, everybody, just go, and die.
Rei: But your heart has been dampened by your tears.
Shinji: It would be better if I wasn't here. So it doesn't matter if I die too.
Rei: Then, why are you here?
Shinji: Can I stay in here?

Shinji: NOOOOO!!!
Makoto: The pilot's reaction suddenly increased!
Shigeru: EVA series and all personnel on land... Reaction increasing in them as well!
Makoto: All EVAs still functional!
Shigeru: Anti-AT Field, still expanding! It's started to materialize!
Makoto: Anti-AT Field, gone off the limit!
Shigeru: Damn! If this continues, all life-forms will be destroyed!
Kouzou: Everything is just like the prophecy. The world's door of beginning and end has finally opened?
Reis: The sadness of the world has been leading us. Turmoil has been surrounding everyone. Loneliness has filled the hearts of humans.
Kouzou: Ikari, you can finally see Yui-kun?
Maya: Everybody's AT Field is disappearing... The answer is... I must calculate the outcome. Senpai! Senpai... Senpai... Senpai...
Keel: The beginning, and the end, at the same point. Very good, it's all right for everything to be this way.
Gendou: I've been waiting for this moment for so long. I can finally see you again, Yui... With me, I will just keep hurting Shinji. So, it's better to do nothing.
Yui: You're actually afraid of Shinji, aren't you...
Gendou: I don't believe I can love people. I don't have that quality.
Kaworu: This is only an appearance. Before you hurt yourself, you reject the entire world.
Yui: Between one person and another, there is no solid object blocking us from seeing one another.
Rei: Afraid, so you just close your heart to others.
Gendou: So this is my punishment? Sorry, Shinji.

Shinji: Ayanami... Rei?
Misato: It only happens that you're beside me, so do not misunderstand.
Shinji: I like Asuka.
Asuka: Get lost!
Misato: Don't trouble your parents... Jeeez, go away!
Asuka: Useless bastard!
Misato: You are very strong. You can escape.
Rei: If you really don't want to, you can run away.
Misato: Don't you want to be comfortable? To be restful? Don't you want to become one with us? Body and soul, too... become one.
Asuka: But, if it's with you, I won't do it even if it takes my life away!
Shinji: I am not here.
Rei: The excuse you use is nonsense. You're taking revenge on reality.
Shinji: So that's not good?
Rei: You want to use music to cover up the truth?
Shinji: Can I dream alone?
Rei: That would not be a dream. It would just be a projection of reality.
Shinji: Then... where is my dream?
Rei: That is the extension of reality.
Shinji: My... where is my reality?
Rei: That is at the end of the dream.
Shinji: Ayanami... where are we?
Rei: This is the sea of LCL. The sea of the origin of life. This is the world without AT Fields, and therefore, without your own shape. You can't tell the difference between one person or another. An ambiguous world. Everything is yourself, and also, everything is not yourself. A dead world.
Shinji: I died?
Rei: No, everything has just combined into one. This is the world you've been hoping for. It is like this.
Shinji: But... this isn't it. I don't believe this is it...
Rei: If you hope that other people exist again, your heart will separate everyone once more. But you will be frightened of other people again.
Shinji: It doesn't matter. Thank you. I feel that there are only hateful things there. So running away isn't bad either. But even if I run away I can't find a better place. Isn't it? Because the world is without me, now. Just like without anyone else.
Kaworu: Produce the AT Field once more... Hurting other people again, that's okay?
Shinji: That's okay. But, what do you people mean to me?
Rei: It's hope. Humans may be able to understand each other. That means...
Kaworu: The word called 'like'.
Shinji: But that's just appearance, a self-intoxicating thought. Just like praying. I can't continue like that forever. Finally, one day, I will be betrayed. Will leave me... But... I want to start from the beginning, one more time. Because I think that the feeling at the time will be very real.
Kaworu: As somewhere that is unknown to reality, a dream lies within reality.
Rei: And reality is in your heart.
Kaworu: Because it is the human heart that creates your appearance.
Rei: And new thoughts will change peoples' hearts. Imagination... the power of creation. Open your own future, create it.
Kaworu: Then humans can complement themselves.
Rei: So you have to use your own strength to get your lost self back. Even if you lose your own language, you have to import other peoples' languages. As long as your heart can imagine your own shape, everyone can return to the human form.

Yui: Don't worry, every single life-form has the power to return to their original form. Every life-form has the power to live. As long as you want to live, everywhere will become Heaven. Isn't that right? Because you are still alive. The chance to achieve happiness... you can find it anywhere. As long as the sun, moon and earth exist, everything will be all right. So, everything is fine?
Shinji: Is it a happy place? I don't know yet. But, here... What will happen if I'm born here? I'll continue to think about it from now on. But in the end, I found out that it's just common sense. Because I am myself. But mother... what will happen to mother?

Kouzou: Humans copy the appearance of God to create the Evangelion. Is this the real goal?
Yui: Yes. Humans can only live mortally on this planet. But, EVA can live forever with the human soul that lives within its body. Even after 500 billion years have passed... Even after the earth, moon, and even the sun have disappeared, it will still exist as long as one person is alive. Although it will be very lonely... as long as that person still lives...
Kouzou: That will be the sign that humans existed, and they will be preserved forever...?
Shinji: Good-bye, mother.

Asuka: What a disgusting feeling...

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